What is Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library?

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library has come to Erie and Carbon Valley! The early literacy program provides books for all kids, who are registered, in Erie and Carbon Valley between the ages of birth to five.

The Imagination Library of Erie and Carbon Valley has the potential to give each child 60 age-appropriate books over five years. The Dollywood Foundation hand-selects the books via a panel of early literacy professionals and includes two bilingual titles per year. The Imagination Library helps our kids grow and thrive in their reading and comprehension.

Why is Early Literacy so Vital?

Books in the home are proven to support academic success for children. Developmentally, the early years are a critical time for children’s brains. By gaining access to more books, children experience greater success in reading, academics, focus, character growth, and more.

The Imagination Library of Erie and Carbon Valley will provide the literature necessary for every child in the Erie and Carbon Valley communities to encourage such success and positive growth. Furthermore, having access to more literature also encourages families to read more frequently to their children. In addition, the Imagination Library helps to build a lifelong love of reading in kids.

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Enroll here to begin your Imagination Library program. A treasure of knowledge and adventure awaits.

Donate Now

$25 Provides Books for One Year for One Child!

$125 Provides Books for One Child for all Five Years!

Get Involved

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How Does Registration Work?

Families enroll children anytime between birth to age 5. Every month once registered, the child receives a book until they reach the age of 5. The Imagination Library directly addresses each piece of literature to the child, making them a more active participant in the process and bringing the joy and excitement of receiving something just for them. Children will be able to build their very own library at home! This program is available to all kids, in all communities. They need only bring their love of learning, exploration, and reading to the adventure.

Please be aware of the eight to ten week processing period for new registrations. Children who are registered by the 25th day of the month will received their first book within ten weeks from the registration date. For example, registrations submitted by February 25th will receive book by April 30th.

How Can You Help?


Donations serve as way for you to support the children in your community with this program.
There are several levels of donation in the breakdown listed below:


supports one child for one year, supplying 12 books


supports one child from birth to age 5, providing all 60 books


supports 10 children from birth to age 5, supplying all 60 books


supports 40 children from birth to age 5, giving each of the 40 children with all 60 books

Gift Giving

Are you trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one? A subscription to the Imagination Library is a wonderful present for a child in your life. Experiential based gifts provide character building, social and emotional growth, along with an increase in literacy and academic success. The Imagination Library represents a perfect gift to support the growth of your loved one.

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